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    MUD Software Utility Bill Cost Calculator- Use your TAB key and try it with your numbers      
    per Utility Bill Cost:
    Postage (Post Card rate)
    per US Post Office
    Generic MUD supplied post card
    $41.99 / 1,000 + $12.00 (est) shipping
    Printer Ink / toner
    Lexmark T650 - 7,000 copies per cartridge @ Staples
    Clerical - print, separate, affix postage
    minutes @ per hour ($10.10 Federal minimum wage - Benefits included)
    Clerical - sort, bundle and deliver to post office
    minutes @ per hour ( 0 = Give to letter carrier )
    Bookkeeper - receive payment, post to Software, create deposit slip, go to bank, deposit funds into bank account
    minutes @ per hour
    Average number of times it is necessary to lookup a customer record for a Customer who            
    "can't find" their utility bill
    of your Customers minutes / lookup @ per hour
    Your Estimated cost to mail a Utility bill and receive and post a payment is:
    Convenience Fee Paid by:
    Customer Utility District
    Number of Connections in my Utility District
    My best guess at the % who would pay online
    My potential savings by using PayClix  
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